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Thanks to our team's efforts for developing softwares able to work 7/24 with high amount of data and our powerful hardware we constantly collate refined and accurate data on websites. This enables you to monitor the changing dynamics of your site with the comparison information of general website trends.

Inspire Developers& Business Owners
We try to establish diversity on data we collect. To achieve this, we try to check different sectors, different topics and collect most relevant data in order to publish website trends of that area.

Frequency of Updates
We offer an unparalleled frequency of updates to serve most relevant information. We believe web changes every moment and our team is working hard to keep catching that kind of speed.

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One-Click Installation

You can automatically install or update up to 300 scripts like WordPress, Opencart, Laravel. You do not even need to use FTP for these operations.

Unlimited Features

Resources such as Disk, Traffic, Mailbox, Database, Subdomain, FTP User are unlimited. You can publish your site without worrying about exceeding the limit.

SSD Storage

SSD Disks 10 Read and write speeds up to cata, higher IOPS values than SATA disks and random read performance. Your site will open quickly on this count

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Web hosting is the process of storing and publishing this data on these computers which store the data belonging to the internet site and enable the access of the web users. Hosting, literally, means hosting. That is, the pages, images or files that you want to publish on any web site are kept on a computer that can be accessed by internet users.

You need to store documents that you want to publish on a server specially crafted for publishing a website on the Internet, with a quick link to the web backbone, which can serve thousands of people at the same time. These computers can not be your home computer, because even if you have the necessary programs and hardware, your computer's web connection speed will be insufficient for processing. Due to this reason, web hosting companies are running on structured systems so that they can respond quickly and seamlessly 7/24.

Nowadays, hosting is divided into "Linux" and "Windows".

Virtual Private Server is the name given to each virtual server that is logically partitioned by virtue of virtualization programs (VMWare, Mirosoft Virtual Server, Xensource, Virtuozzo, HyperVM, OpenVZ) of the physical hardware of a server computer. It is based on the common use of server resources. That is, the operating systems installed in the VPS are CPU, RAM, Network etc. common use of resources. Each of these virtual servers has their own logical hardware components on top of each other. So, a virtual server works like a physical server, hosting its operating system and server software on it, securely and isolated. In this way, it is possible to create multiple virtual servers on a single physical server. Normal hosting is designed so that it does not exceed the consumption of certain system resources. If your website does not have many hits, normal hosting is enough for you. But if you have too much or too much system resources, the company you are hosting will ask you to get VPS. Although the VPS, which is cheaper than the Dedicated server, can function as a logical dedicated server, it can also be used for Cpu, Ram, Network etc. Some problems arise due to the common use of components. Although overuse seems to be an advantage, it can sometimes turn into a disadvantage. For example, if I assume 3.4 GHz and 12 GB Ramli server is divided into 12 users, 12 users CPU, Network, RAM etc. amount of money.
Because it is a common use Anyone who uses too much CPU or RAM can cause your sites to slow down and access problems. Because of this situation, we can recommend you to choose VPS, which is cheaper and simpler to manage, in our small projects and sites.
We order what we can do with VPS
You can only run your company or your own custom web sites.
You can use it as a backup unit.
It allows you to provide hosting services to our customers.
You can set up your own custom file uploading systems.
You can provide radio broadcasting.
You can use it as a mail server.
You can host websites with high traffic.

Linux hosting is a website hosting system that is installed with the Linux operating system sub-system on the servers used with the purpose of providing hosting services. Today's users are highly preferred by the hosting as the anticipation emerges. The biggest reason for this is that it has a solid defense infrastructure against hacking attacks and the uptime rate is higher than other hosting platforms. Being open source causes many developers to prefer this hosting tactic. One of the reasons Linux hosting is becoming popular is that the cost of this service is low and it serves more effectively in terms of performance.

This hosting is able to work with content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal due to the support of PHP. MySQL, HTML, Javascript, Java, Flash, mySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, FilePro, Informix and Solid databases.

PHP can run on both Windows and Linux servers. However, Windows does not work well on the servers. For example; htaccess file does not work. If you have a website written in the language Asp Programming and it will make sense to get Windows hosting if you use an Access database. You can get both Windows and Linux hosting sites built with the PHP programming language, but we recommend that you choose Linux hosting because Windows does not run htaccess and PHP sites run on the Linux platform. In HTML, Flash, Javascript, and Java applications, you can choose between both platforms.

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